Teamcenter は、会社の完璧な活動を完成させるのに役立ちます

Teamcenter Foundation ソフトウェア トレーニング プログラム

  • トレーニング コースの目的: このコースでは、Teamcenter ソフトウェアに関する基本的な知識から高度な知識を習得します。 学生は、ソフトウェアについて学ぶだけでなく、Teamcenter の PLM システム セットアップを構成する能力も向上させます。 コースの最後に、学生は最終試験の練習を行い、SDE Digital Technology Co., Ltd によって認定されます。
  • トレーニング対象: システム エンジニア
  • トレーニング時間: 理論と実践を含めて 48 時間
  • トレーニング形式: オンライン/オフライン
  • トレーニング プログラムの内容は次のとおりです。





Duration (day/hour)


Teamcenter system setup for training

–        Install with Deployment Center

–        Get started with Teamcenter Installation

–        Install Teamcenter databases

–        Perform Teamcenter preinstallation tasks

–        Install the corporate server

–        Install and configure a .NET 4-Tier architecture

1 day (8 hours)

–        Install the server manager (pool manager)

–        Configure the File Management System (FMS)

–        Install dispatcher

–        TC Integration for NX CAD

–        Install Teamcenter patches

1 day (8 hours)


Teamcenter Foundation

–        Introduction to Teamcenter

–        Working In My Teamcenter

–        Working with items in Teamcenter

–        Importing your data files in Teamcenter

–        Applying Data Security Practices in Teamcenter

–        Finding content using search in Teamcenter

–        Working with product data in projects in Teamcenter

–        Configuring behavior using options and preferences in Teamcenter

1 day (8 hours)

–        Introduction to managing requirements in Teamcenter

–        Import requirements from Microsoft Word in Teamcenter

–        Refine requirements in Teamcenter

–        Import requirements from Microsoft Excel in Teamcenter

–        Allocate requirements to models in Teamcenter

–        Identify additional basic abilities in Active Workspace in Teamcenter

–        Identify additional search techniques to find content in Teamcenter

1 day (8 hours)

–        Open and view product structures in Teamcenter

–        Create and edit product structures in Teamcenter

–        Analyze product structures in Teamcenter

–        View visualization data in Teamcenter

–        Manage workflow task assignments in Teamcenter

–        Create and verify content for an engineering order in Teamcenter

–        Revise, review, and release part designs in Teamcenter

–        Introduction to managing changes in Teamcenter

–        Creating problem reports in Teamcenter

–        Creating change requests in Teamcenter

–        Creating change notices in Teamcenter

1 day (8 hours)

–        Introduction to Managing Schedules in Teamcenter

–        Creating and Managing Schedules and Schedule Templates

–        Creating and Managing Schedule Tasks in Teamcenter

–        Viewing Schedules and its Tasks in Teamcenter

–        Managing Schedule (task) Deliverables in Teamcenter

–        Manage Schedule Resources in Teamcenter

–        Introduction to Active Workspace integrations in Teamcenter

–        Working with Active Workspace inside NX in Teamcenter

1 day (8 hours)