3DViewStation helps visualize the PLM system


Use 3DViewStation for visualization in your PLM system, product configurator, after-sales solution, HMI or any other application.



There are many instances where a integration of 3DViewStation into a leading application leads to an advantageous, combined solution with 3D CAD visualization. In turn, this provides users with significantly greater advantages.

Companies that use 3DViewStation in an integrated manner provide their users with an additional, visual way to access the information they are looking for more efficiently and to make decisions faster and more reliably. This addition of a 3D CAD graphics component is very useful for people who are visually oriented.

  • Quick visual impression
  • Extensive interactive functionalities – the right thing for everyone
  • Same range of functions also for mobile devices and browsers
  • Visualize the same data optionally and without further preparation in desktop, web and VR version
  • Linking CAD data and textual information is made easy
  • Information is now only a mouse click away
  • Visualization can be used for selection before CAD processing
  • Rapid implementation of your integration
  • Few lines of programming code required, as no SDK
  • Applications with rich API – more than just viewing
  • Bidirectional integration possible
  • Only minor adjustments necessary when switching between desktop, web / mobile and VR integrations
  • Competent consulting team helps with all integration questions
  • Users work much more efficiently and faster
  • More reliable decisions
  • Many automation possibilities
  • Zero Admin: No client installation (for Web application)
  • More satisfied users
  • Cost control: Even the simplest end devices can be used (for Web applications), only little effort when switching between desktop, web / mobile and VR, concurrent licensing models available.


1. Desktop Version

Fast, universal 3D CAD viewer for use on desktops, notebooks and Windows tablets.

The 3DViewStation Desktop version is the most popular product. It is installed on your local PC and can very quickly visualize over 60 data formats from the areas of 3D CAD, 2D CAD, Images and Office.

  • The classic for local use on Desktop and Notebook PCs
  • Reads over 60 data formats
  • 180+ functions from simple visualization to advanced analysis and Digital Mockup
  • Extremely fast
  • Simple operation
  • True Multi-CAD DMU
  • Support of PMIs (Annotated 3D Models, MBD, MBE)
  • For small, medium and large manufacturing companies
  • Also ideal for power users and travelers who need to work with local data
  • For users of all processes of a company
  • Can also be used as authoring system

Fixed or floating (network) licensing

2. WebViewer Version

The 3DViewStation WebViewer version is the browser-based counterpart to our desktop version, with identical, rich functionality and performance.

It does not require any installation on the end device such as Notebooks, PCs, Tablet-PCs and Smartphones. It only requires an HTML5-capable browser – which is the case for all current browsers.

This makes the 3DViewStation WebViewer ideal for users who do not want to have a local desktop installation, but also for mobile users, since all possible end devices with Windows, Android, iOS or Linux operating systems are supported.

  • Excellent performance even at low bandwidths
  • No geometries on the end device
  • Supports many data formats, 3D and 2D
  • Many interactive functions, like Desktop counterpart
  • Many security functions for effective know-how / intellectual property (IP)

3. VisShare

VisShare is a web environment for manufacturing companies, MultiCAD-capable, ideal as an in-house solution, but also for mixed project teams consisting of internal and external people, and for employees who need to collaborate across locations.

Integrate your partners, customers and suppliers via a web portal that provides everything you need to share easily and securely, visualize, analyze and manage your 3D and 2D CAD data. VisShare requires no installation on the end device and is easy to use, easy to administer, simple for everyone. 

  • Simply bring data and people together for projects
  • User and group administration
  • Assign persons to a project or send temporary links
  • Set up a project in minutes
  • Integrated visualization for 3D CAD, 2D, images and office data
  • Provide data with Redline / Markups and save them in VisShare
  • Control access to data
  • No client installation, pure browser solution

4. VR-Edition

Virtual Reality (VR) solution to inspect and analyze large models. In combination with an HMD (Head Mounted Device), 3DViewStation VR-Edition is the inexpensive replacement to your Cave or Powerwall.

The 3DViewStation VR Edition let you virtually immerse yourself into your 3D models using VR glasses supported by SteamVR or Windows Mixed Reality. Head mounted device options are the: HTC Vive, Lenovo Explorer or HP Mixed Reality glasses..

You can move yourself within the objects or teleport (“beam”) to a new position. Objects that were selected can be hidden or moved. For example, an entire vehicle can be lifted so that it can be inspected from the underside. Or you can select individual objects to dismantle an assembly.

  • No lead times – CAD data can be loaded directly without preparation
  • High performance
  • World class: VR session with millions of components, loaded in seconds
  • Visual navigation
  • Photorealistic rendering with materials
  • PMIs (MBD, MBE)
  • Views
  • Standard & advanced analyses
  • Almost every function available in the desktop version can be used
  • Integration capability – start VR session directly from the leading application thanks to APIs
  • Voice control possible
  • Direct data exchange with desktop and WebViewer versions

Certificate of authorized dealer of SDE TECH

SDE TECH has the honor to become Authorized Reseller for 3DViewStation in Vietnam. Please contact us immediately to be supported about product information!