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This Code of Conduct was created for the purpose of maintaining a healthy corporate culture & firmly showing the 3 elements of Justice – Democracy – Civilization. The Code of Conduct is generally applied to all individuals who are members of the company and must be read and understood by all members. This set of rules is not immutable but can still be updated, supplemented and adjusted year by year based on the opinion of the Board of Directors.


  1. Mutual respect;
  2. Communication & standard behavior (inside & outside the company);
  3. Always have a serious, dedicated, honest, humble, learning attitude at work;
  1. Always have an open, positive and collaborative attitude in all corporate activities of the company;
  2. Always candidly share and contribute ideas in a constructive and cooperative spirit;
  3. Do not put individual or/and group interests above the collective/company interests
  4. Do not distort or speak ill of others;
  5. Do not arbitrarily disclose the secrets of the private life and work of others;
  6. Do not take advantage of criticism, contributions or personal conflicts to criticize work, insult honor & dignity of others;
  7. No actions that adversely affect the image, brand & company name
  8. Always obey the law & social ethics;
  9. Always have a sense of preserving the environment and are responsible for preserving the company’s assets during use;
  10. Always be thrifty when using company resources & invested by the company
  11. Always follow the company’s working regulations



  1. Each individual must have the ability to evaluate, account for responsibility for assigned tasks & in charge;
  2. Any disagreement at work between two or more individuals must be resolved directly or with the participation of a third individual to act as an objective mediator in the spirit of cooperation. , share for the common benefit of the company. The third individual may be the management or the Board of Directors of the company or another individual entrusted by the Board of Directors;
  3. All suggestions of individuals (employees & deputy heads) must be received, listened to and appropriately resolved by the Board of Directors;
  4. All requests for employee evaluation must be evaluated in the spirit of openness, cooperation, honesty, fairness and democracy;
  5. Management levels (Deputy Heads / Boards of Directors) must have an honest, objective and fair assessment of capacity / work performance for employees and must not have any bias, cover, subjectivity;
  6. The board of directors of the company (Board of Directors & Deputy Heads) must always encourage, encourage & create conditions for employees, employees to practice skills, cultivate knowledge to develop;
  7. Each individual must strictly abide by the regulations on information security & company documents;
  8. Each individual must strictly comply with the working contents and work schedule during the business trip (domestic & overseas). And must always communicate, behave in accordance with the standards with partners / customers, do not violate professional ethics & against the law.



  1. Professional in work communication, attitude & working style with customers, partners, superiors, colleagues, subordinates;
  2. Positive, open-minded in thinking, thinking and acting;
  3. Simplify all problems, challenges to solve work;
  4. Humble, inquisitive, proactive & have a career development orientation;
  5. Always know how to listen, share, respect and be fair to colleagues;
  6. Improve the spirit of solidarity and mutual support in work and life;
  7. Regularly improve professional knowledge, improve work to serve customers’ needs.