ProgeCAD is the best and most economical solution for equipping and replacing AutoCAD in your company.


Autodesk’s AutoCAD software is the most popular CAD design software today. However, AutoCAD has now been sold as an annual subscription, so it must be renewed every year to continue using it. This leads to a huge cost and budget for the company’s software copyright.

Therefore, we would like to introduce the new and best solution to help businesses save money and improve work efficiency, The perfect solution to replace the current AutoCAD or ProgeCAD software is the best solution and The most economical in equipping and replacing AutoCAD at your company


  • ProgeCAD is compatible with all AutoCAD files including the latest AutoCAD 2017, all old AutoCAD files in DWG/DXF format, AutoCAD® +++ . are compatible with ProgeCAD and is the only DWG CAD application that is integrated. Includes 3D PDF output feature.
  • Interface, usage, shortcuts are completely similar to AutoCAD, you do not need to spend more time learning and using the software.
  • ProgeCAD license is a perpetual license, with no time limit for use, ProgeCAD does not charge an annual maintenance fee, upgrade anytime the user wants.
  • ProgeCAD is equivalent to AutoCAD Full and superior in features to AutoCAD LT
    Many flexible license packages (Single, Network) help your business save maximum costs.

Currently, ProgeCAD is sold in 4 forms as follows:

* For companies with low CAD needs (5 – 10 users))

  • ProgeCAD Professional Single: Standalone version, install and use only on 1 device.
  • ProgeCAD Professional Network: Network version, install many machines but only 1 machine can be used at a time

* For companies with a lot of CAD needs (more than 10 users)

  • ProgeCAD Professional Corporate One-Site: This is the most economical solution for businesses when with only a fixed cost (range of rental costs from 10 – 15 AutoCAD licenses in 1 year), users can install up to 50, even 100 ProgeCAD licenses on 100 computers and use at the same time, not limited in number. Note that these licenses must be installed and used at a specific and fixed office location.
    Ø For example: a company with 2 offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, they have to buy 2 packages of Corporate One-Site for each office.
  • ProgeCAD Professional Corporate Country: Similar to One-Site when there is no limit to the number of licenses to install and use, the only difference is that it now allows installation in many different locations, but must be in the same country.
    Ø Ví dụ: If a company with many factories in Vietnam buys this package, all factories can install and use an unlimited number of ProgeCAD licenses.

Below is a feature comparison table of ProgeCAD and AutoCAD

FEATURES AutoCAD LT 2018 AutoCAD 2018 ProgeCAD 2018
Provide perpetual license
Diverse use license: Single, USB or Network
Support multi-user configuration
Allows reading and opening DWG files from CAD version 2000 to 2018
Features 2D drawing, text typing, size and Block similar to AutoCAD
Print PDF files from DWG files
Allows editing multiple Layouts and drawings
DGN, DWF or PDF Underlay
Create Tables, Cells and extract data
3D rendering to create real products
Express Tools, EasyArch, Addons
3D Solid CAD Design and Visual Render
Export STL file for 3D printing
Export PDF files to CAD
Convert Raster Image to CAD
Export 3D PDF files
Square the image on CAD
iCADLib Library with 22,000 Blocks & Traceparts
Google Earth Export, Image Georeferencing