Advanced CAD/CAM software.


Advanced CAD/CAM software.


  • A simple, intuitive, scalable CAD/CAM solution that can be tailored to individual company needs
  • Comprehensive CAD/CAM integration in TopSolid for the fabrication, sheet metal and wood industries
  • Improved and user-friendly interface
  • Protect your experience with TopSolid’s methods


1. The leading CAD/CAM solution for milling, turning, millturn and abrasive

  • Incredibly detailed information to support timely design decisions
  • Accurate product performance prediction
  • Streamlined and integrated workflow that accelerates simulation
  • Increased simulation flexibility
  • Provides better visibility into product performance so you can make more informed decisions

2. An expert in everything: from simplicity to high-value details

  • Strategies for creating fast toolpaths
  • With TopSolid’Cam, control of lathes or 5-axis machining becomes simple and stable
  • Accurate and reliable preview, simulation to manage internal movements, possible collisions, each axis travel and residual material to reduce fine-tuning time

3. Ideal tool for production engineering

  • Integration between CAD and fabrication
  • Compatibility independent of any CAD system
  • Tolerance management with the FreeShape tool
  • Diverse library of cutting tools and conditions
  • Fine-tuned, high-performance postprocessors
  • Solutions for small workshops

4. Ideal solution for crafting tools

  • Manage all your needs (2D, 3D, 4 and 5 axes, conductors, etc.)
  • Electrode control
  • Fast computation (using multi-core processors)
  • Continuous 5 axis manufacturing
  • Manufacturing automation