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Industry Service name Desciption
Mechanical Design CAD Projects Providing 3D design services, publishing 2D drawings, disassembling parts & detail assemblies, training on mechanical engineering projects.
2D Drawing Template CAD
Part Family Libraries
Add-on Tools
CAM programming NC Template Sheet  Providing CAM programming services, writing
 Post processor and training in 3 axis – 5 axis milling
CAM Projects
Post Processor 
Machine Builder
Mold Design & Manufacturing Mold Design Projects Provide design training service and
machining for mold
EasyFill Analysis Projects
Add-on Tools
Post Processor 
NC Template Sheet 
3D Scan & Reverse Engineering 3D Scan Provide services and training in 3D scanning and reverse engineering
Reverse Engineering Projects
Interior & Furniture design Furniture Design Projects Provide training services from design to furniture processing. Write Post processor and design library for TopSolid’Wood . Solution
Component Libraries
Post Processor 
NC Template Sheet 
3D Scan
Reverse Engineering Projects


Mechanical Design

CAM programming

Mold Design & Manufacturing

3D Scan & Reverse Engineering

Interior & Furniture design