The course is built for those who are getting started with NX CAM software.

NX CAM – 3 axis CNC Programming

The course is designed for those who started to use NX CAM software. The aim to help participants can immediately apply the knowledge in programming courses for the processing of products from simple to complex 3-axis CNC programming.


  • Getting familiar with the NX CAM interface
  • Management methods on the NX CAM machining
  • 2.5D machining strategies
  • Knife offset method
  • The hole machining strategies
  • 3D machining strategies
  • High-speed machining applications
  • Application processing performance
  • Cutting speed and optimization methods
  • Edit, cut knife
  • Interpolation, the interpolation method adjustment
  • Check toolpath simulation, cutting programs
  • Export NC program


  • Having basic knowledge about CNC programming