The course is built for those who are just starting out with NX CAD software

NX CAD – Basic Product Design

The course is designed for those who started to use NX CAD software. With the aim to help participants can immediately apply the knowledge in courses for the design of different types of products, understanding of design methodology, analysis, and management of the design model.

NX Cad thiết kế cơ bản


  • Getting familiar with the NX CAD interface
  • Modifying available models according to the parametric method
  • Building block basic model from a 2D deformations
  • Managing design history, changing model by non-parametric method
  • Designing machine details
  • Designing ribbed products/ wall
  • The modeling method symmetric
  • Completing design features
  • Managing designs with layers, groups
  • Working with assembly model (up and top-down bottom design method)
  • Degrees of freedom and constraints in design
  • Assembly management, working with large assembly
  • Detailed parameters and part families for standard details
  • Geometric interaction between parts in an assembly
  • Management of detailed design and assembly versions
  • Publishing detailed drawings
  • Publication of assembly drawings
  • Export Part list
  • Design inspection analysis


  • Using computer fluently
  • Have basic knowledge about design