Simcenter helps to efficiently build realistic models as well as used in simulation with CAE.


Predict multi-domain system performance at the concept stage using system simulation. Simcenter includes a large set of predefined physical and application libraries so you can effectively build realistic models that can also be used for co-simulation with CAE and control strategy validation.


  • Faster and earlier assessment of complex system behavior
  • Increased simulation accuracy by capturing all physics in the mechatronic system
  • Earlier benchmarking of design options and balancing of conflicting performance attributes
  • Increased simulation productivity by using best-in-class technologies
  • Improved collaboration between teams by sharing a platform for system and controls modeling


Simcenter CAE/CFD solutions combine effective preprocessing, a large variety of powerful multi-physics and multidisciplinary solvers as well as application-specific postprocessing in efficient simulation processes with embedded industry expertise, providing better insight into product behavior.


  • Timely insights to drive design decisions
  • Accurate product performance prediction
  • Integrated and streamlined workflows that accelerate the simulation process
  • Increased simulation team flexibility and throughput
  • Provides better visibility into product performance to the broader decisionmaking enterprise


Employ physical testing systems to achieve accurate simulations and effective component and final product validation. Simcenter testing solutions offer a complete, integrated environment for test-based engineering.


  • Increased testing productivity with enhanced ease-of-use in automated or easily customizable processes
  • More insight thanks to multi-physics data collection and analytics
  • Higher confidence in data quality and results validity
  • Easier collaboration between departments with easy data sharing, unified interfaces and compelling reports
  • Boosted return-on-investment (ROI) using flexible and scalable solutions and valuebased licensing options


Accelerate performance predictions and design modification decisions. Simcenter includes an efficient and easy-to-use multidisciplinary exploration framework that easily integrates with existing design and simulation tools, and fully leverages the available high-performance computing infrastructure.


  • Find multiple innovative solutions
  • Standardize design processes based on best practices
  • Significantly reduce design time
  • Better leverage your software and hardware resource investments
  • Gain deeper insights into design behavior


Simcenter seamlessly integrates with Teamcenter. This solution keeps analysis models and results in sync throughout the product lifecycle. By capturing and managing data and processes, companies can build long-term knowledge and value.


  • Support the increasing volume and complexity of simulation work by managing data and processes
  • Increase confidence in your simulations with complete traceability from requirements through design and validation
  • Speed simulation by reducing time to find data and enabling greater re-use of work
  • Deliver results faster by standardizing and automating simulation processes
  • Minimize implementation costs and risk by leveraging the proven Teamcenter platform as your common infrastructure solution


Simcenter, companies can expand their capabilities, solve problems and realize the digitalization journey. Simcenter specialists assist customers in addressing complex challenges and safeguarding the balance between design options and functional performance.


  • Increased product performances thanks to expert help
  • Tackling critical product challenges
  • Deploying a better process that frontloads design choices
  • Reduced time-to-market by up to 30-to-50 percent
  • Reduced weight and development cost